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the vovó joaquina

Vovó Joaquina is a tribute to Jorge Benvida’s grandmother and all the grandmas from the Alentejo, who put their soul in everything they cook. Stepping into Vovó is embarking on an authentic and intimate journey, where all your senses will be satiated in the unique way only grandmas can do. Vovó's very own essence is based on a commitment to use only regional and seasonal products that evoke childhood memories of the comforting smell of a stew that simmered for hours, or the feeling of running your fingers through freshly-peeled vegetables.

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With a menu that showcases the best of the Alentejo, from the fresh mushrooms with asparagus to the acorn cream with partridge and the grilled black pork, Vovó takes the best ingredients in the region and cares for them the way they deserve - all complemented by a hand-picked list of exquisite national wines.

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Located in the historical center of Beja, it is hard not to feel taken by a sudden wave of nostalgia once you walk into Vovó, where the best of both worlds is effortlessly brought to the table: the art of fine dining and the comfort of a homely atmosphere. Vovó is not just a restaurant - it is the true embodiment of the warm feeling that comes with sitting at a table filled with exceptional food, surrounded by loved ones. It is home, right in the heart of the Alentejo.